Custom Cerakote

We offer custom cerakote services. From wild to mild we can do it. We utilize a state of the art spray booth and stock over 85 colors. We also can create custom stencils upon request.


Gun Smithing

We offer Gunsmithing services. We can handle almost any job. From barrel threading, and crowing, to diagnosing and repairing broken firearms.


Custom Builds

We offer custom build services. Have a AK parts kit, or a UZI parts kit you want turned into a functioning firearm? We can handle that for you.


Cerakote and Custom Parts Pricing

We have more than 85 colors in stock.

Below is our pricing schedule for most Cerakote jobs. Contact us for themed firearms or anything not listed here. If you wish to send us parts for custom work
simply send your parts to our address along with a detail of what you want completed. You will be billed once the job is complete.

  • Small Parts 9.99 (ie. Flash Hiders, Triggers, Forward Assists, etc)
  • Mid-Size Parts 29.99(ie. 7" Handguards, Lowers, Uppers, Magazine Body)
  • Medium Sized Parts 49.99 (ie. 10" Handguards)
  • Large Parts 59.99 (ie. 12" Handguards)
  • Xtra Large Parts 69.99 (ie. 15" and up Handguards, 16" and up Barrels)
  • Parts Disassembly and Reassembly 9.99
  • Firearm Disassembly and Reassembly 39.99
  • Rust and Pitting Removal 39.99
  • 2nd Color 19.99
  • Clear Coat - 24.99
  • Weathering Mid-Size Parts 29.99
  • Weathering Medium Size Parts 39.99
  • Weathering Large Parts 49.99
  • Weathering Xtra Large Parts 59.99
  • Battle Worn Mid-Size Parts 29.99
  • Battle Worn Medium Size Parts 39.99
  • Battle Worn Large Parts 49.99
  • Battle Worn Xtra Large Parts 59.99
  • Aged Bronze Mid-Size Parts 39.99
  • Aged Bronze Medium Size Parts 49.99
  • Aged Bronze Large Parts 59.99
  • Aged Bronze Xtra Large Parts 69.99
  • Stenciling 19.99 plus 24.99 per extra color (ie. Digi Camo, Kryptek, etc

Gun Smithing Services

Below is our pricing schedule for most of our common Gun Smithing Jobs. Contact us for anything not on this list or for more complex jobs. 

  • Barrel Threading Starting at 79.99
  • Barrel Crowning Starting at 29.99
  • Scope Mounting Starting at 69.99
  • Action Blueprinting Starting at 299.99
  • Handgun Sight Install Starting at 39.99
  • Barrel Cut/Re-Crown Starting at 64.99
  • Head Space Check and Adjustment Starting at 39.99
  • NFA Engraving Starting at 24.99
  • Trigger Install Starting at 29.99
  • AR-15 Upper Receiver Assembly 29.99
  • AR-15 Lower Assembly 29.99
  • AR-15 Free Float Barrel Install 29.99
  • Flash Hider Pin Starting at 39.99
  • Gas Block Pin Starting at 39.99



Custom Build Services

Below is our pricing schedule for most of our common custom firearm builds. You bring us the parts and we build your firearm. These prices are contingent on your parts kit containing ALL needed components. 

  • AK-47/74 Build Starting at 299.99
  • HK 91/93/G3/CETME Build Starting at 599.99
  • UZI Starting at 299.99
  • 1911 Starting at 99.99
  • FAL Starting at 399.99
  • AR-15 Starting at 79.99
  • M1 Garand Starting at 199.99
  • 1903 Springfield Starting at 199.99
  • M14 Starting at 199.99
  • Custom Remington 700 Starting at 299.99
  • Saiga Conversion Starting at 99.99
  • SKS Sporterize Starting at 99.99
  • Mauser Sporterize Starting at 99.99